Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Edit: Memorial Day Hike

This Memorial Day, Spencer and I both had the day off, but since we didn’t have a holiday party or barbeque to attend, we decided to give hiking another go.  And this trip was a success!  I don’t know why we even bothered to ride our unreliable car the four miles to our hiking trail, because we both felt like riding in a ticking time bomb.  I thought for sure we were going to break down again with some new mystery mechanical problem, but luckily we didn’t and we had a lot of fun hiking Red Butte Canyon. 



To me, Memorial Day weekend is the official kick off of summer, scarf season once and for all ended and I am overenthusiastically packing away all of my winter clothes.   Bring on the heat, roll out the barbeques, I’m ready for summer!  And then, if you happen to live on the east coast, the weather will turn on you once more and thwart your enthusiasm for summer by bringing on another lingering cold front.  Usually, it will be on and off nasty and unpredictable for the next three weeks before summer will begin for real.  Not so in Utah, but I am still learning to trust the weather.  For the last 2 months, I’ve been eying those snow covered peaks lining Utah valley and think just because I can still see snow, there is a possibility of a sudden weather change (come nightfall, in the shade or wind, or with elevation gain).  Worried I find myself out in the cold, I bring a scarf or cardigan in my purse—JUST IN CASE—and then I feel utterly foolish.  So let’s share one of those foolish moments with all of you:  Look at me wearing jeans while hiking in 77 °F / 25 °C weather.





The Red Butte Canyon Skyline Nature trail was a nice hike and it was fun to peek over the steep cliffs down into the valley once we reached the peak of the mountain ridge.



Look who's being silly.  The close-up really shows that the husband thinks I’m a nut :)
Seriously though, I was excited I made it to the top because I wasn’t breathing to well that day.  Due to the recent pet policy change in our apartment building which now allows dogs inside, I was struggling with my allergic asthma all week and just gotten over another asthma attack in the early morning hours.  This didn’t stop me because I was determined to keep our plans, get out and do something fun.  During our slow climb, Spencer kept joking that hiking on a bad asthma day must be like mountaineering in high altitude.  I don’t think this is an appropriate comparison, but let’s just say that exercising your lungs while recovering from an asthma attack is never pleasant.



HappySunday♡ Nina

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