Sunday, June 4, 2017

My Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2017

This month I'm excited to start my 8th capsule wardrobe and celebrate warmer weather.  
As usual, I have 33 pieces for the next three months because I'm still following Project 333.  This past year I've noticed a trend away from capsule dressing, but I'm still happy with the concept and to this day I'm still learning from it.

Learning to take full ownership of your belongings by taking pride in what I own, mending and taking care of my items when they get tatty.  My clothes and my belongings aren't perfect but I enjoy using what I have, altering and accessorising things and making them my own.

Learning to be more selective by finding and living my values.
Learning simplicity and intentionality.
...and maybe someday it will help me discover my style as well.  

To me things have progressed past the stage of convenience and cutting out negative self-talk.  At this point I see capsule dressing as a slow journey to discover my personal style.  When I started capsule dressing I could not say what was important to me and what made me feel good.  Now I'm quite happy with the clothes I own, but I also feel inspired by slow and neutral fashion.  I certainly reconsidered my buying habits and I look to buy from more sustainable brands.  However my capsule doesn't feature very many slow fashion items because I want to keep wearing many of my old clothes season after season.  In addition, I also like to buy second hand first before investing in something new.  But I have noticed a shift.  When you look at the clothes in my capsule or capsules, you will see a lot of older, well loved items with stronger busier pattern and newer items I thrifted or bought from brands with sustainable practices that are in a softer and simpler color and silhouette.

Here's my selection for this summer:
(As usual, I will mark all new or new to me items with a * and I will show the brand name of ethically made items.)

1 - navy blue graphic blouse 
2 - blue/white striped T-shirt with embellishments 
3 - black crop blouse with pink/white flowers
4 - white/blue striped boxy T-shirt 
5 - white polo shirt* (new to me/thrifted item)
6 - white camisole
7 - cream lace T-shirt

8 - black turtleneck sweater 
9 - navy blue swing cardigan 
10 - chambray button down 
11 - white/blue striped peplum button down
12 - white long sleeve button down

13 - black maxi dress 
14 - black/white sleeveless flare dress
15 - red, white and blue stripe dress
16 - navy blue pleated dress* (a gift from my husband)
17 - black lace dress

18 - blue denim jacket

19 - indigo jeans PATAGONIA 
20 - light blue jeans 
21 - white jeans
22 - navy blue or navy blue with white polka-dots reversible midi skirt
23 - tan shorts*

24 - black lace up heeled boots NICORA SHOES 
25 - black hiking sandals
26 - white tennis shoes
27 - black chunky heel sandals

28 - sunhat*
29 - canvas shopping tote
30 - black wallet VELO CITY BAGS
31 - black adjustable belt
32 - sunglasses 
33 - everyday jewelry: wedding ring/band, watch, pandora bracelet and 1 pair of stud earrings

What's in your capsule this season?  I’d love to hear about your choices for summer if you care to share.  For more information on the concept of capsule dressing, I recommend visiting Courtney Carver's website (linked here). 

I hope you enjoyed seeing the items in my latest capsule!  Until next time.
   ♡ Nina

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