Blogmas Day 24: 2016 Plans and Goals

BLOGMAS Day 24: New Years Plans, Goals and Challenges
The 24th of December is actually the day that is regarded as Christmas in Germany.  It's the day the family will get together, go to church, have a lavish Christmas feast and give presents.

It's not quite time to give gifts here in America.  This will have to wait until tomorrow morning so today might be as good as any other to ponder what I wish for the new year.  I love making new years resolutions, which is no surprise considering I'm the kind of person that enjoys planning everything out in general!  What can I say, I plan for everything, I write daily lists, weekly and monthly goals, but the bigger goals and resolutions are as follows...

keep a productivity notebook at work
This is something I started in November and I like setting goal and working towards them.  This has helped me with the more difficult days at work so I will continue it.
- build our savings account

- drink more water
This really needs to happen because I'm not sure how my body runs on the meager sips of water I drink.  That can't be healthy 🙁
- develop a morning routine
This means that I am woking up a little earlier each day.  The goal is waking up at 5 AM instead of 5.45 AM and see what makes sense to do in the time before I leave for work at 6.05 AM.  I also noticed that I am having a better morning if I prepare my lunch the night before so this is a habit I would like to start this year.
- develop a skincare routine
The biggest improvement to my skin has happened when I went vegan.  It cleared my skin like nothing else ever had.  Now, I would like to find a very simple gentle, all natural routine that I can stick to in order to heal the scars and hyper-pigmentation. 
- see an allergist / start immunotherapie  
This will be a though, scary and expensive journey.  We will see how it goes and if I'm brave enough to share my thoughts.

- send letters / birthday cards
Physical ones that come through the mail, not the birthday message Facebook prompts you to send the day off.  No, I would like to send beautiful hand written cards and send photos with them.  I like getting nice things in the mail and I would like to share the joy.  
- no cell phone
This means that I'm cancelling my cell phone service.  After that I will see how it goes for a couple of weeks or months before I might sell it.  I might also keep it in a drawer in case I will have to activate it again for some unforeseen reason.

blog more
I wonder if I would like to continue sharing my vegan recipes.  If I'm brave enough I might share more about minimalism and health related issues.
- take more photos
And with this I also mean learning to work that camera better.
- creative planning
I always kept a planner to take notes and list for every day.  Usually, my scribbles were useful for the day, month or week to reflect, but I was never happy how sloppy it looked.  This year I'm trying a more creative, scrapbooking kind of planning.
- year round capsule dressing
My goal is to continue capsule dressing with the rules of Project 333.  At the end of 2016, I will have worked through 5 three months long capsules.  At this point I should have a much better idea what I enjoy wearing and what would like to keep in my closest.  I'm excited to see what will happen because even my very first capsule was a big eye opener for me.

- summer Germany trip
Yes, this is definitely going to happen this August.  We've already bought our plane tickets, reservations have been made and little details are slowly coming together.
- visit national parks in Utah 
And this needs to happen!  Seriously, we've lived in Utah for two years now and we have not had time, money or good enough health to visit all the awesome parks in Utah.  This year will have to make some time and get out into nature.

Overall the plan for the year is to reset my expectations of how good I want and need to be in order to move forward with my life.  I want to feed my body and my soul and want to focus a lot more on my self and on my well being.

What are your plans for the new year?  Does anyone even like making lists as much as I do???

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