Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

This summery selection of clothes will be my fourth capsule wardrobe and while I selected the pieces for this capsule I noticed that I have the fashion sense of a pre-schooler.  I seriously do and it is certainly not the most sophisticated, chic, sexy or business appropriate look, but it is effortless and comfortable. I suppose this is what I am going for these days or what I'm learning my true style is.

Maybe I will include a picture of myself in the denim dress, leggings and orthopedic sandals, but I probably shouldn't. 

What I've been wearing lately is fabulously comfortable, but honestly, it's also the kind of outfit little girls wear at the playground to jump from swings and hanging from the monkey bars.  Maybe all I need is a stiff, oversized bow in my hair to finish off the look.
Oh well, let's see how this round of capsule dressing goes.

So far I am quite happy with the results and everything I have in my wardrobe is...
...and I am really happy about that.  I wish I had started dressing with less sooner!

As usual, here is the list of the items I purchased to re-fresh my wardrobe.
- black hiking sandals
- white tennis shoes 
- white tank top
- green camisole
(In the list below I will mark all new items with a *)

And here is a list of the items I selected for the summer capsule:

TOPS (8)
1 - white tank top*
2 - red short sleeve blouse
3 - cream lace t-shirt
4 - green/teal patterned sleeveless blouse
5 - black flower pattered top
6 - green camisole*
7 - black long sleeve blouse
8 - blue/white striped tank top

9 - blue patterned wrap dress
10 - dark denim dress
11 - red sundress
12 - black maxi dress
13 - red, white and blue striped dress

14 - navy blue cardigan
15 - denim jacket
16 - long sleeve shirt

17 - dark blue jeans
18 - black pants
19 - navy blue maxi skirt
20 - dark blue lace skirt
21 - white pants
22 - leggings

23 - black/brown pointed toe flats 
24 - black chunky heel sandals
25 - black hiking sandals*
26 - tan sandals
27 - tan high heel sandals
28 - white tennis shoes*

29 - grey work/camera bag
30 - sunglasses
31 - one simple necklace (everyday I am wearing certain pieces of jewelry, so I will not count these: wedding ring/band, rose-gold watch, pandora bracelet, and one of two pairs of stud ear-rings)
32 - one long necklace
33 - black belt

For more information on the concept of Project 333, I recommend visiting Courtney Carver's website (linked here)!  

Happy Summer and happy fourth of July everyone!
   ♡ Nina 

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