Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

This past Friday marked three months since I started my winter capsule wardrobe.  This means that I switched things up and moved on to my spring capsule.  Very excitedly I boxed up my arctic winter gear, thrilled to move into a milder season.  I can handle Spring so much better and I’m excited for the cold spell to break!  Now I hope it won't rain all April and May or I might be in trouble.

This is my third capsule and I’m really happy with how it has been going with capsule dressing… but I haven’t found wardrobe peace.  I hope I will, but I suppose building a wardrobe over time will take dedication and time.


Don't be fooled to by this photo.  It's not summer-y yet.  It's 54 degrees in the sun and I'm wearing thermo leggings to keep warm ;)

Here is a list of the items I purchased to re-fresh my wardrobe.
- dark blue pattered blouse
- white/navy striped long sleeve shirt 
- navy blue cardigan
- long navy blue skirt
- black/brown pointed toe flats
- black chunky heel sandals
(I will mark these new items with a *)

And here is a list of the items I selected for the spring capsule:

TOPS (8)
1 - dark blue pattered blouse*
2 - sleeveless cream blouse
3 - cream lace t-shirt
4 - grey lace t-shirt
5 - dressy grey t-shirt
6 - white/navy striped long sleeve shirt*
7 - white button down blouse with dark blue trim
8 - chambray button down shirt

9 - navy blue cardigan* 
10 - mustard yellow cardigan
11 - blue/white pattered cardigan
12 - olive green sweater
13 - navy blue sweater
14 - black sleeveless sweater

15 - black/blue wrap dress
16 - denim dress

17 - black peacoat
18 - denim jacket
19 - green parker

20 - dark blue jeans
21 - black pants
22 - long navy blue skirt*
23 - black lace skirt

24 - black/brown pointed toe flats* 
25 - black chunky heel sandals*
26 - black riding boots

27 - grey work/camera bag
28 - blue scarf
29 - black beanie
30 - black gloves
31 - everyday jewelry: wedding ring/band, rose-gold watch, pandora bracelet, two pair of stud ear-rings, and one simple necklace
32 - black belt
33 - sunglasses

That's it, ... all 33 pieces I have for the next three months.  As usual, I will update how it goes this time around.  So far, I'm quite angry that some of my clothes fit very tight since I gained 15 pounds over the last two months on the crazy asthma medication that made me very ill and ... well, fat.  No more medicines for me.  I hope I will feel better soon and I'm also hoping that I will shrink back to my normal size so that I can feel more comfortable.  Here are links to my previous capsule posts: 
Winter 2015 Capsule Wardrobe
But for more information on the concept of Project 333, I recommend visiting Courtney Carver's website (linked here)!  

Happy Spring everyone!

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